Related knowledge, Taboo children can grow food to children in our care and care in the ch

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Related knowledge, Taboo children can grow food to children in our care and care in the child's diet also have to note that there are some foods are not suitable for young children to eat, you mother attention. A food taboos, Do not baby within 3 months 3 months salts absorbed from breast milk or milk salt enough. Three months later, with the growth and development,Comprar calvin klein, healthy baby renal function gradually, gradually increasing the salt requirement, this time may be appropriate to eat a little bit. Principle is only six months after the amount of salt in 1 g or less daily control. Taboo Food II, Within 1 year of the baby's not the normal intestinal flora has not been fully established within the honey years of age, after eating into the honey easily cause infection, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and other symptoms. After the age of the baby, the establishment of the normal intestinal flora, so eating honey anyway. Three food taboos, children less than 3 years old should not tea drinking should not be less than 3 years old. Tea contains a lot of tannic acid, can interfere with the body of food proteins, minerals and calcium, zinc, iron absorption, leading to a lack of protein and minerals, infant affect their normal growth and development. Tea caffeine is a strong stimulant, ADHD children may be induced. Four food taboos, less than 5 years old make up less than 5 years of age is not the key to development of the baby, many supplements contain hormones or hormone substances, can cause early epiphyseal closure, shortening epiphyseal growth period, resulting in the child tall short,Calvin klein baratos, not grow; hormone interfere with the growth of the system, leading to precocious puberty. In addition, young tonic, can also cause bleeding gums, thirst, constipation, high blood pressure, bloating and other symptoms. Five food taboos, Do not marinate for less than 10 years old 10 years old children do not eat preserved foods. There are two reasons, First, salted (salted fish, bacon, pickles, etc.) is too high salt content, high-salt diet easily induced hypertension; Second, a lot of pickled products containing nitrite, which Hutchison fumagillin, benzopyrene is recognized as the world's three major carcinogen, research data shows that, 10 years ago the children started to eat pickled products, the possibility of adult cancer three times higher than the average person. Taboo food Six, Baby Do not eat soy foods Israeli Ministry of Health is preparing to publish a notice, warning people to be the amount of soy foods,Calvin klein online, baby food should be avoided. . http,// http,// http,//

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