Knowledge Point, Magical we wrap frozen food in the refrigerator

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Knowledge Point, Magical we wrap frozen food in the refrigerator, I like to cover the food with plastic wrap to prevent food-contact surface of the refrigerator air. Many people run out of the plastic wrap,Ropa interior calvin klein, the inner tube will readily throw, in fact, very useful for the inner cylinder. Usage A, After the storage tank after placing beverage refrigerator door,Boxer calvin klein baratos, easy to drink toppled switch the refrigerator door. Methods, folded white towel placed on the bottom of the storage tank after the refrigerator door, and then cling film canister along the slit cut, fresh membrane tube after hair cut, you can thrust as springs. Put it on the refrigerator door storage tank, and can effectively withstand beverage bottles,Calvin klein online, making it both fixed and easy to remove. Usage II, Many families cleaning time will encounter this problem, the bed, the pillow will fall hair easy cleaning, family pet animals will be difficult to get rid of fluff scattered on the sofa. How to do it? We can use a rubber band around the hair line girls three or four laps on the inner tube, sticky hairs on the cloth roll twist, so that the hair wrapped into a rubber band on the inside, and after it's happened to take off the rubber band on the basin click on it in the wash. Usage III, some families complete drying of the coat hanger total shoulder crease, then we can cut the sleeve inner tube on a rack. To prevent the clothes in the water will soak up the paper roll can be pasted outside the inner cylinder transparent tape. Not dry clothes so no creases the shoulder, and because the thickness of the inner tube so that the front and rear separating clothes dries quickly. Usage IV, The fresh membrane tube according to place items such as pens, small ruler, lipstick and other cosmetics length to split, and then put these inner tube rubber bands can be tied together to make a simple pen holder. You should pay attention to, pen holder cut shorter than put the items, it is easy to pick up. . http,// http,// http,//

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